Care & Handling

With proper care, your fine quality sterling silver jewellery will last a lifetime.Gingko Pendant(copy)

Caring for your Silver Jewellery
Remove all jewellery during swimming, bathing, any rough or outdoor work, or when handling harsh chemicals.  Silver is a malleable (soft) metal and can be bent or broken under excessive force.  Contact with chlorinated water or salt water is especially damaging.

To minimise scratches and other damage, store your jewellery in a cloth pouch, acid-free tissue,  sealed plastic bag or in a separate compartment in your jewellery box.  Care should also be taken to prevent silver tarnish build-up, mild tarnish can usually be removed by careful use of a specialized jewellery cleaning cloth.  Regular cleaning will keep your jewellery bright and sparkling. Soul Jewellery cleaning cloths are available for purchase at NZ$25.00

When wearing jewellery, remember the golden rule: Last On, First Off. Put your jewellery on last when dressing to avoid spraying with hairspray or perfume.  Remove before undressing to avoid it being snagged or crushed. 

Periodically inspect your jewellery and take it to a professional jeweller for immediate repair if you notice any deterioration.  We recommend that you have your silver cleaned once a year by a professional jeweller who can also check the security of the settings.  Soul Jewellery provides a restoration service for products purchased from us, at a very reasonable price.  Contact us for more details.

Caring for your Pearl Jewellery

 Pearl dome ring(copy)The best way to care for pearls is to wear them often as the natural oils present on your skin will  keep them looking lustrous.

When wearing pearls, simply follow the Golden Rule: Last On/First Off.Wait to put on your pearls until you have applied lotions, make-up, perfume and hairspray.Remove before undressing to avoid your pearls being snagged or scratched.*  Wipe with a soft cloth each time you take pearls off and store separately in a jewellery case to avoid  scratches.

Do not immerse pearls in liquid for any length of time as this may damage the pearl and rot the thread.  Have your pearls checked once a year by a jeweller to see if re-threading is necessary. 

Do NOT clean pearls in ultrasonic cleaners, or with harsh chemicals or abrasives as these will strip the nacre, leaving you with a plain bead.

Keep your pearls in a soft bag in a separate drawer in your Jewellery Box.

If you have any questions regarding the use and care of pearls, please contact our helpful staff.
*Damage to pearl jewellery from hair products, chemicals, perfume or makeup show a typical pattern, and is not covered under Soul Jewellery’s warranty.

Care of Gemstone Jewellery
A little extra care with cleaning, wear and storage will be worth the effort, allowing you to enjoy your special pieces for many years to come. 
Remove rings before washing or working with cleaning liquids or chemicals.  Some stones, including opal, are absorbent and may stain if exposed to cleaning fluids or washing up liquids.
Topaz Oval Tassle(copy)Clean stone set jewellery with care using water and a soft brush, not nylon.  If the stones are NOT absorbent, then washing up liquid can be used.  Jewellery cleaning cloths purpose made for stone set jewellery, pearls and precious metals can be purchased either in-store or online. 
Clean earring backs and posts with white spirit often to avoid ear infections. 
It is not recommended to use ultrasonic cleaners on certain stones as they may get damaged.  If unsure, check with a reputable jeweller.  You may wish to have your jewellery cleaned professionally when required.
Stones including Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Kunzite and others may fade if left for periods in direct sunlight.  It is better to keep them stored in a jewellery box wrapped separately from other pieces so as not to scratch the stones.